Dark Light

There is something intensly irritating about buying a box set of an Anime series, only to discover that it only contains volumes 1 – 4. I didn’t even know there was a volume five until I got to the last episode on the disc and the characters were about to be destroyed by – inevitably, this is anime – giant evil sentiant robots.

Then it played the end theme.

“argh” I said.

“Bastards”, I added with feeling.

And bastards I believe them to be.

All of them.

(Also currently orbiting Planet Aquarion: Someone in my street has an open wireless connection, which occasionally lets me online. Sadly not all the time, though. Also, I hate wireless networking with a passion normally reserved for hardware. In addition, I’ve spent large parts of the weekend fucking around with hardware which, as I’ve mentioned, I detest with a passion I normally reserve for wireless networking. It ebbs and it flows, but never works properly. I’ll explain this when I know what it is I’m explaining.)

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