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Woot, Yay, and expressions of excessive joy.

I’m back to a medium distance relationship despite living with my girlfriend. Woot. yay. Great.

The thing I was going to rant about, yet wasn’t allowed to, was this: LoneCat, my girlfriend, has been attempting to find a job ever since she completed her masters degree just over a year ago. The very fact it’s taken her this long to find one is a damning statement about the economy and everything, but this is something else. For the rest of this article I’m going to assume that her parents are never going to read it, which may be stupid, but I’m going to do it anyway. Her parents don’t really like the fact that she moved out. Can’t deal with it. Their reaction to this is not to do as my parents did and deal with it, but to rearrange things so she moves back. This rearrangement takes the form of applying her for jobs around Bedford (where they are, which is about an hour north of London. We live about half an hour west of London. For comparison, it takes about 45 minutes to get from the station we come into to the station to get to Bedford).

This has now worked. LoneCat starts work, as of tomorrow morning, in Letchworth, which is just south of Bedford, for a week. If this works out, she will be there full time. During this, she will stay at her grandparent’s house. If it works out, she’ll move back in with her parents until we can both move somewhere new, like Stevenage, which is between where she works in Letchworth and where I work in Kings Cross, London. The notice on this place is two months, which means that if she gets the job – and I’m fairly sure she will – we will be in a Medium Distance Relationship where we only see each other at weekends. In other words, back to how we were last year.

It looks like I’m moving house again, then. Considering we moved into this place in Mid-May (after moving out of Cambridge on April 1st) I can’t help but feel this is a little soon. Not that I particually like this flat, or anything. It’s just…

I’ve really got nothing to complain about. It sucks more for her than for me, esspecially since she’s playing half-rent on a place she’ll only see two days a week, but I thought when we finally moved in together that would be the end of the whole ‘Weekends Only’ thing.

So, anyone know anything useful about Stevenage?

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