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Lack of entries, you may have noticed.

Apologies for that, but I’m a little harrased. Mostly because of the standard First Month Of Job stuff (That I have to pay rent etc. as well as travelling costs from my non-existant cash flow until I get my first pay-check, not at all helped by the Job Centre taking six weeks to process my claim), but also because of general Stuff Happening. Planning stuff for this weekend (where I go camping with AFP), experimenting with anything new in PHP5 that might help me, MySQL4 (Which has just hit this server, so expect an upgrade of the search facility soonish) as well as theorising interfacing stuff like Trackback and PingBack with The Work Project.

On top of this, I’m redesigning. Well, not so much redesigning as designing. I’m making this masterplan to collate my non-aqcom projects to a new server where they can live without cluttering up AqCom’s navigation. This includes Forever and Threadnaut, at least one of which I’ll have to write now that I’ve mentioned it.

Aquaintances has been upgraded to use the latest version of Mark’s feedParser, meaning that if a feed returns a redirection, the config file will be rewritten to the new address. Aquaintances2 is in planning, and will include a simple NNTP server to access it. Epistula’s Gallery module, which has always been the most hackish of everything – mostly because 90% of it was lifted wholesale from the last version with minor tweaks – is suffering an extensive rewrite. If I can do this without breaking URLs I will do, but it looks like some major issues need to be resolved.

I’m also trying to avoid letting my RSI come back. This is so far involving watching Cowboy Bebop and West Wing episodes.

Countering the Anti-RSI activity, I’ve been playing Syberia, a nice return to the traditional adventure format, including actual character development. Sadly, the ending is somewhat annoying, but I expect the forthcoming Syberia 2 to fix that. I’ve also been watching videos of Star Wars Galaxies, EverQuest 2 and The Sims 2, all of which look very, very cool.

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