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Paul Freeman

Do you want to do anything with your website that you haven’t yet done?

Completely restart from scratch. Problem is that I have this thing about broken URLs, so that idea sits dead in the water. I’d like it to autogenerate the right content for the right medium (So auto generate PDF, HTML, XML, RSS and eventually necho) from a single XML file. That’s the next step.

2) What do you like and dislike about Reading so far?

I like the fact I can get to London really quickly. I dislike the job centre 🙂

3) Which non-famous person do you most admire and why?

I don’t really idolise people, it’s not in my nature, so “Pass”

4) A mother is four times as old as her daughter. In 20 years she will be twice as old as her daughter.
How old are mother and daughter now?

Mother is 40 daughter is 10.

5) Where do you see yourself in two years?


Still running Aquarionics, Designing CMSs, and it runs on Necho 3.0. Firebird still hasn’t reached 1.0, Duke Nukem 4-Ever still isn’t done, and the Bugzilla Database is being used by Database Design students as an example of an impossibly large database.

Same in 5, 10 and 40 years.

Ben Avenell

1 and only 1) Whats wrong with Reading?

I didn’t choose to be here, and I’m doing no better here than the previous 4 months in Cambridge. I need something to blame, Reading is easy.

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