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Okay, we’re back. This is what happened.

I went on Hiatus. I wrote a Hiatus Page that said, essecially, “Time to try something new”.

Then I got four seperate messages assuming I’d gone overboard again. So I wrote the mixed-font thing that then got linked to inline by BB & Vaughan (That’s Inline as opposed to Blogroll). So far, so hoopy. But what of the hiatus?

The purpose was to rediscover writing, and to get writing done. In this, I both suceeded and failed. I failed to get any new writing done at all, but did manage to clear up a couple of older pieces, and instead sat around fiddling with Aquarionics (Error pages now work properly) New Projects (The ESR Edits Jargon-File thing inspired me to create a Wiki as a better way of handling the Jargon File. More info when I’ve worked out how to import anything into PHPWiki) and stuff like that.

But on thursday I went out and sat by the riverbank with a notebook and a pen, and then in a Caf with said notebook and pen, and plotted The Novel from beginning to end. Then I went back home to actually write it, and failed, and went onto IRC, Vice City, Usenet & Weblogs instead.

So the problem appears to be that I don’t have the self-disipline to seperate Work from Play when they are in the same place (I know from experience that given seperate places, I’m fine), and since I don’t currently have the resources to seperate them effectivly (My laptop has no battery-life, and a new battery for my 50 laptop will cost 103.73 inc P&P.) this is causing me a Problem. TBH, I’m not sure how I can counter this, short of getting a new room to be an office, so I’m back here.

And soon, I shall go back to the Riverbank.

This concluded, I’ve managed to tidy up some other works (Including Alinda, below) for online publication, mostly serving as a warmup exercise for Toffia. Meantime, I’m back to the circular world of “We won’t hire someone without experience” for the forseeable, and sitting at my desk:

My Desk

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