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Chris Naden Wrote:
>My house burnt down last week, btw,


Scary thoughts. The place where me & Lonecat actually started on the path that led us where we are today, and not to mention the complete destruction of everything a friend of a friend owns, and the house of a friend.

Scary scary thoughts.

‘s been over a decade since the kitchen caught fire now, I think, almost to the month. I don’t remember much about the event – it involved staying with grandparents for a few days starting about three minutes after the fire was out – but it’s still mentioned somewhere in the house every so often. Fire Bad.

Waiting for the meltdown. FFS! I’m not *doing* anything. I have work, I have an aim for money (Yes, LC, I *will* come see you), and I have all the reason in the world for working. So why can’t I get started? ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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