Dark Light

No entries recently. Nothing happening. Still no interviews. Though I managed to hit DitM with the return post. Talking of which, Aquaintances got updated with what Mark was talking about yesterday when I wrote strip_evil() (raw) and will safely strip (as far as I know) all evil from RSS feeds.

In other news, LoneCat – my other half – has finally finished the first version of Sublime, her diary engine, and therefore her diary is back online. Also my ex-housemate’s diary engine (Adversaria, notable mostly because it impliments the UNIX filesystem and some shell access internally with perl, and is designed to look like a terminal program) is also back online and as sick as ever.

Finally, if you haven’t been following, LondonMark has finished his epic “Case of the Missing …” detective story. If you haven’t been reading it, read it now (The permalinks aren’t, atm, because his archives are broken, but for a limited period it’s all on the front page. If it isn’t, then it starts on the 25th May)

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