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I’ve given up on the cross-referencing thing until I’m less busy and the world is less caught up in Other Events. In the meantime…

2d10 went down last weekend. 2d10 was a generic message board type site designed for online RPGs. In this, it didn’t do badly, though the interface didn’t like Mozilla very much, but it sucked in many small yet annoying ways. I never used it, though several of my friends were involved in a game on it, so I got to overhear them discussing which bits worked and didn’t, and over time an idea for a better but similer system came about.

But, as I say, 2d10 went down last weekend, and doesn’t look like coming back any time soon. The GM of the game my friends are in mentioned that if it isn’t back by Monday, he’ll find somewhere else, and at that point my plans kicked into overdrive. From a borrowed laptop somewhere in the depths of Aylesburyian suburbia, Aquarionics Industries is bringing you Point First D4, a quick and painful 2d10 replacement which will get more features (and a better name) as it develops.

It’s being done in – you’ll be suprised at this – PHP with a MySQL backend and because my nice database libraries are all in storage the code is going to be a little dirty and kludgy until I get them back. Currently I have a design document and a lot of ideas, but first we must make basic functionality work, which will be Fun.

Observant readers my also have noticed the brand new addition to my increasingly cluttered right-hand bar in the shape of the return of the “New & Cool” box that has been on AqCom since feb2000, but got lost in the design about a year and a half ago. The data has been migrated, the box renamed, the archive coded, now I just have to add new things.

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