epistula Imported From Epistula


I have a connection thanks to the unceasing efforts of Pol, so stuff is happening.

Well, would be. I’m currently still waiting for the references to come though for the new place (V&W have said “Soon”. I am failing to hold my breath over the prospect) whilst staying with Pol & Supermouse and avoiding redesigning Aqcom.

I was halfway though a April Fools thing for this place, where I redesigned the entire site to be pink and bright green with animated gifs for all sections and the titles and the most deeply horrible colour scheme my fevered mind could come up with, but four days of moving boxes, getting places, tidying houses and generally being stressed has put paid to that idea. Photos of the move and the rest of the March 03 Photo Collection will be up as soon as I have my scripts that will do it nicely back, as well as the rest of my life, spread currently between Kent, Bedford & Reading (Two locations therein).

Wednesday/Thursday, as I said, ccooke moved out, Friday my dad came up and we moved one load of stuff to the storage place in Reading, Saturday my mum & brother joined us and dad & Ben wandered to Reading whilst mum & me cleared out my room. Adrian O, star that he is, volunteered to look after some stuff too, so we filled up all three cars (Ben’s, Dad’s & Adrian’s) and sent them to their various homes. Then on Sunday LC’s parents arrived to rescue her stuff, we delivered stuff to the tip before they escaped too, and then Pol volunteered to pick us up (To take her home and me here). Supermouse and Pol both helped us do the final cleaning up bits whilst I was being shattered and LC was being ill (allergy to dust is terrible, and moving everything wasn’t helping) and then we left the Geekhouse in Cambridge for the final time ever.

So, once again because of circumstances completely within my control but which I screwed up anyway, I am of no fixed abode for a little while. I really should have got organised better this time. Anyway…

Whilst sitting here temporarily connectionless (Actually, whilst sitting in Cambridge between the server going offline and me doing so) I had a couple of Epiphanies on how I should do crossreferencing of external sites and stuff, but which is going to take a bit of work. In the meantime, I should document a couple of things before they go online, like the new RSS2 module I’m working on. Blogiters should hear about it soon…

In more “Parish Announcements” stuff, the Misc section is back online after a three month absence, including fully working versions of the Timecapsules – Aquarionics as it looked in 1999 & 2000 – and the blogite archives. And Epistula’s caching appears to have a bug where it doesn’t wipe article name cached pages when they are updated. Case issues, I suspect. Ah well, something to fix…