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This is what I want to happen:

I write an entry on Pingback and how good it is compared to Trackback. I crossreference it (Like the links in the entry below) automatically to the Trackback weblog and Pingback spec using the respective technology, manually link it to pingback v trackback and also file it under the Intertwingularity category here, and give it the added keywords “Pingback”, and “Trackback” So far, so manual.

Epistula then automatically links to the last couple of entries I’ve made in that category over the last few months, as well as any document in the category that appears to be popular (In this case, the ESF spec).

At this point, Epistula has done everything it can to crossreference things internally (It could, optionally, add some things that are relevant to ESF, but deciding what is relevant is a little complex) so we move one step forward and do a websearch (using the “Google <acronym title="Application Programming Interface>API) for “pingback”, “trackback”, and “pingback trackback” and publishing the first few results, priority given to any link that appears on both or all three of those lists. This would also crossreference the entry to 0xDECAFBAD and some others. Also, I’d do the same thing with Feedster results (Though the keywords would have to be better) and possibly Daypop, once again prioritising things that appear in more places. That has to have a user input, though, since the results aren’t always relevant to the article, though always to the keywords.

Again, so far, so internal, and very much an automatic thing, a global thing, rather than any kind of prioritising towards people whose views I respect and/or care about. Nothing, in other words, that is directly relevant to my opinions or articles. Better would be the ability to join categories together, which is why everyone should export as XFML. That way I could say Simon’s category on Webservices is roughly equivalent to my category on “Intertwingularity”http://www.aquarionics.com/category/intertwingularity and so I if he’s been taking about the same sort of things I have in the last week they’ll be linked. Then I can also decide that anything with the keyword “Floz” is equivalent to Sarabian’s category Web Coding and Design. Should I want to. Well, I could

The problem is that all this requires other people to have XFML feeds, and they don’t. So do 😛

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