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If you haven’t worked out, the feature I was so enigmatically referring to earlier this week was the new dynamic banner bits, which during the week change depending on what time it is in Cambridge, and during the weekends will be whatever my imagination has come up with, or possibly remain the day-images. Think of it as like the Google Holiday Logos idea, except they’ve been part of Aqcom, off and on, for three years now. Parallel development is good.

So this week then. This week I continued to enjoy my job, I worked towards making Aqcom validate as HTML4 strict (Nearly there), lost an argument on Blogite by the simple method of nobody else giving a flying fuck, and failed to do very much weblogging. This isn’t really good. Instead I will point you at the link I got from Simon, a montage of the last years news footage under the title S-11 Redux: (Channel) Surfing the Apocalypse

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