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Aquarion is home (parents home) while he tries to work out his life from a distance and without living it getting in the way. Part of this is involving career, part in location. It’s also involved three – to date – instances of “Why do I bother writing?” and redrafting a post abandoning the site.

(FWIW, I’ve had one job offer refused because – in part – I write a weblog and they don’t know they can trust me.)

Today I spent a large amount of time putting envelopes into bags and slicing bits off my hands, which has lead me to the conclusion that whatever I do in the future it will fail to involve either envelopes or working outside in the cold in the middle of febuary.

This, to be entirely honest, has not really been helpful to the whole soul-searching effort, since it was not exactly my planned vocation anyway, however, neither was graphic designer, so it’s worth the effort of crossing it of the list.

Still not employed yet.

Aquarionics will return in a little while, when I get my life in order. In the meantime, here is some light music:

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