Dark Light

So, I can run Baldur’s Gate 2, Unreal Tournament 2003 and The Sims on my new Linux install. I can listen to my mp3s, watch the DVDs, get things from my Digital Camera, send things to my MP3 player, read my mail, follow my RSS feeds and edit documents.

Finally, after four years, I can do everything under linux that I’m using windows for. The only thing I can see using windows for day to day now is those few games that don’t like WineX.

The only blip on the horizon is an editor. Now, whilst I like and respect vim, I would prefer to have a graphical text-editor that will highlight html & php, preferably be able to load and edit files over an ftp connection, and ideally (though not critically) be open-source. Any ideas, world?

(and yes, non-geek stuff coming soon, this week’s been a little unbalanced)

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