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Ahem. I really should plan these things out better.

So, I had finished part one of the Gentoo install project, getting a basic system (but not yet bootable, so I had to boot from the CD image and chroot into it) with glibc and stuff, then I wandered into windows to catch up a little.

Twenty minutes later, I’d redesigned Aquarionics to look like CavLec and done the post, so I started on the next bit (Stage Two: Basics such as bootability) compiling, and went to bed. (Insomnia caused me to spend a couple of hours on usenet, but I digress).

So I get to where I am now. The two possible problems with the design, one that Dorothea would object, and the other that Shelley would (It’s her photo, and sending a preemptive email would have been nice, but I only thought of that as a problem this morning. See what I mean about thinking it though?) have both resolved nicely, so I started the next stage, which is getting XFree installed. The problem with this is that this part could take hours, and until it’s done, I can’t get at my original files to change the design back, so this design may be up slightly longer than I planned…

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