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The Mixerman Chronicles

On Monday July 27, I begin a new project. I will be recording an album of a band for a very famous Producer. The band is relatively unknown other than within the Record Industry which, for the most part, is currently filled with bitter losers of the biggest bidding war in the history of the music business.

The tale of a Mixing techy, and the project from hell…

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Age of Ultron

There was a movie. It's... Um. Let's start with this: The following review contains spoilers for Age of Ultron. They start after the following paragraph, which is why you need to click the link to read the rest. Right, so my problem with AoU is that it's a comic book event series. Its purpose is to make people need to go and see it to wrap up the past and understand the future episodes. It's the exact kind of Age Of Secret War On Ultimate Earth cross-francise bullshit that generally kicks me off any super-hero comic series I've started to get into. Suddenly, in order to follow the arc of a character I need to buy twelve comics across nine series, five of which my local shop doesn't carry. The actual plot of the movie doesn't really maintain its own momentum.