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Lots of stuff happened. It tends to when you wander out of the world for a fortnight. Stewart appears to be still working hard on his new system, and thus is not blogging very much, meanwhile the discussion on syndication reared it’s head again with the “Why shouldn’t you just syndicate using the XHTML?”, which Mark demolished neatly in his summary of the entire event, and turned thirty at about the same time. Then we have this XFML thing, which appears to think about things the same way Epistula does. This is Good, because, well, ahead of the game here. This is Bad, because my list of output formats (One new class file per output format. Bow before my ‘leet Design From Display From Content skillz) is rapidly reaching double figures HTML3, HTML4, XHTML, Text, XML, RDF, ESF, RSS, LaTeX, PDF, VRML and now XFML. Funness abounds.

Then there is the Grunch stuff. I’m not going to go into the grunch stuff, mainly because I’m not allowed to understand it, AFAICS, so I’m going to leave it alone and not poke it with sticks. And possibly risk being attacked for ignoring the problem so it goes away. Actually, that would be my solution to the thing, because I’m me, and will continue to be nice to people because they are people, rather than because they are Male, Female, Black, White, Purple with yellow spots, Dancing the Grim Fandango, or screaming about the aliens who watch their butter at night. Actually, those last I shall probably ignore too.

This week, I have been busy, hence lack of Aquarionics existence :-). The company I’m contracting for is producing Java based games on the new mobiles, so I’ve been taking screenshots. Unfortunately, the 7210 phone is so new that there isn’t a screen capture utility for it that I can find, so we tried to do it by taking digital photos of it. This failed. I’ve also been writing technical documentation, doing HTML that works on the horrible travesty of a browser that is Pocket IE (PIE has the rendering engine of IE 3, the Scripting of 4, and the XML of 5, and runs at 240*320 res. No stylesheets). Considering I was hired as a Graphic Designer (read, the graphics for the games), this is fairly diverse, so I’m having fun. Contract runs out at Christmas, so we shall see what happens next…

Useful places (Until I get the Links section back online):

  • FileExt an exhaustive database of what you need to open any given type of file.
  • Freevo (Via Stuart), an open-source TiVo system, which when coupled with a Mini-ITX box (Via Andrew Cardwell) in a cool case has provided me with a New Project.

What else delayed me? Well, I bought Warcraft III, UT2003 and various stuff from the wondrous source of cheap and worrying stuff that is E-Bay, so that’s been time-expensive, but fun. Oh, and now I suppose I should put up the Christmas decorations on the site… Oh hum…

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