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So, Apple created this idea for a marketing campaign where various photogenic people talk to the camera in front of a white screen about how they “Switch“ed to Mac. and it was actually kind of interesting, if not for the adverts (If I wasn’t a gamer, I’d be looking at the cost of Macs right now) then for the reactions.

Microsoft’s reaction was typically quick and carefully constructed and secure. They launched the “Convert” campaign, which backfired in a typically messy way when people discovered that the “Converters” where really just stock photography from a digital library. Clever. Very, Very Clever MS PR, Bonus points for accuracy.

Then the campaign backfired slightly on Apple itself, when they released another set of adverts, one of a young girl with a slightly fuzzy state of mind and vaguely red eyes. This was Ellen Feiss, rapidly named “The Stoned Girl”. Within a couple of weeks, Fan Sites started appearing, faasands of ’em, followed by news articles and photoshop fakes. Worldwide commentary about whether she was really stoned or not is reaching fever-pitch.

But that’s not the new thing, because now someone has done a Switch to Canada parody.

“On many occasions, I’ve heard someone say, ‘If you don’t love the United States of America, then get the hell out.’

I did….

My name is John, and I’m a Canadian.”

[Via Blog.org [Via Jenny]]

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