Dark Light

Aquarion has left the blogsphere.

It’s not permanant, but it is serious. I’m outta here for the next couple of weeks. Why?

Because I was awake most of last night with a wrist that hurt on the inside, the first syndrome of suspected Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, because I spent large parts of yesterday typing stories at my ergonomic-nightmare of a desk.

New desk arrives Monday. Until then, no long distance typing efforts. No usenet. No coding. No stories. Even after the desk I’m leaving myself a week to research into better methods before I start writing again. And training Dragon Simply Speaking so I can blog by voice.

Last night I lay, in pain, trying to work out the possibilities of this. I did. I then tried to get some pain killers, explained the basic premise to ccooke, which pushed me over the edge into a full panic attack complete with blackouts and vommiting. This, or the possibilities of this, is my worst nightmare, so I’m treading so very, very carefully.

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