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For once, the redesign is not because I got bored. Amazing, isn’t it?

Yeah, it’s a regression to a previous design, or rather a previous design idea reimplimented. Why? aha, there the cunningness lies. The previous design was extremly limited for navigation around the more outlying reaches of the design, stuff like the new mailing list, the Forever system, and the music all got mentioned in the blog, then ignored. Tucked away, as they are, in the depths of the “Misc” section, where they still are, but I a space to point people in the right direction.

How complicated was the redesign? scarily easy. Design as a flat HTML file, search and replace quotes with escaped quotes, place in header file. Upload new stylesheet, and minor modification to the various sections to use the new Submenu element (that’s currently displaying the archive navigation for the journal). To make it easier, I could use something like smarty, but I’m not convinced yet. Maybe later. Anyway, nine months between major redesigns, that must be some kind of record for me…

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