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Okay, I have an hour to write an entry before my train leaves.

or, in fact, an hour to write said entry, shower, get changed, find money, go to station, buy ticket, and get to platform before the train leaves.

I’m going to London, for a birthday party.

Thursday I go to London again, for a Webmastery Conferancy Thing.

Next week I go to Bath, for a girlfriend meeting.

28th I go to Cambs for a Rosie-new-livey-placey-meeting

November there is a Rivaey-scotlandy-trainy-longtime party thing.

Which just leaves the weekend of the 21st of this month to find somewhere to be…

Kentmeet, anyone?

Hah. I need money to fund all this. Must finish designs, must do database.

But then again there is the reemergance of the Vulcanfan Site, which I’ve been upgrading Aquarionics’ backend to handle, the mysterious secret launching of NSD, whatever *that* might stand for, airc, the Dungeon, Klide 2.0… so many projects, so little time.

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