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Okay, so I broke the entire site. Behold Nick, King of Morons. May all lesser morons bow before me. I tried to take a backup, and ended up turning all the files into *.php.gz files. I reversed that this morning with the command “gunzip -r *”. but that doesn’t stop me feeling very silly indeed.

So the better news, then

A letter came fluttering though the letterbox this morning. Nearly got attacked by the dog, was picked up by my mother and carried to the pit where I lay sleeping away my life in a depressive type way

The letter bore the crest of the University of Sunderland, and was therefore bad by definition, and a letter to be scared of, to fear, to cower before and avoid the treatement thereof.

Anyone who wonders why this could be the case need only view my entry of the 7th, where I explain the history of my eduction.

It was with all due respect, therefore, that I carefully opened the C4 Envelope before me (Envelopes come in C sizes, which is slightly bigger than the corrisponding A size. So a C4 envelope holds A4 content. Why they didn’t just use a DL (long and thin) envelope, I’m not sure. Anyway, I’m digressing again). This enevlope contained a single piece of A4 Paper (see? Told you) which said unto me:

Results for the academic year 2000/2001 for 99292781s

Ie, Me.
I’ll ignore most of it, because you already know it if you’ve been following the story so far (July 10th, July 25th, I submitted the essay 28/8/01, Sept 7th) And…

Database Systems Design: Pass

I’ve passed.

I’ve fucking passed

Oh yay. Oh double yay. Oh…

Very yay

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