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Merry Christmas

I hope you had a nice christmas. My christmas present was a wonderfully fantastic digital camera, which doubles as a webcam. as well as a few days with my family. Fun. Or parts of it.

I got Neverwhere on video, various pieces of chocolate, shooter glasses, and my smallest brother took the opertunity to replace the Sims CD he lost while I was at uni.

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Tis the season for folly

Welcome to the Aquarion News Network. You join us at a tense time for all involved. All involved does, at the moment, include me, myself and I. There are things I would love to share, to put down, to place in care of the website for the delectation of all who stumble accross my little home away from home in Cyberspace. Yet I fear I cannot. For reasons that will become obvious to those who know, I cannot mention it here, so I leave you to your normal diet of semi-litterate whimsy:

Christmas is coming, and the dogs are getting Cats. Shopping has been done (at far to high an expense as ever) Both for family (Books, CD’s, Games and Toys) and Me (TMBG CD) And now I sit in my personal penthouse suite somewhere in the centre of Kent in a very AFPish mood, Eating Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans and drinking Pisang Ambon & Orange Juice. Meanwhile the world tumbles into chaos around me, Companies screw up orders, and people I have known for years suddenly spring annoucements on me that knock me speechless. Oh yes, and the reading of my story (Around below) is now proven to send babies to sleep. Is this A Good Thing? I dunno.

Reading the above, it is probably worth my while to stop eating raw coffee for a bit, since it seems to be aggravating Butterfly Syndrome, and making my spelling worse than ever, So I shall leave you now. Night!

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Merry Fucking Christmas.

I’m sorry, I’m currently unable to see the point.

Why do I write stories? Well, because I enjoy them. I like writing them, I like bending words into scan with nothing but the tools of my mind.

So why do I share them? So that other people who see them might like them.

So why do I let people read half-finished stories? So that they can comment on them, and tell me what they think so far, So I can change bits that other people think would work better some other way. And do I do this blindly? hoping someone will find that meaning within the posting?

No, I head the message with “This is a request for feedback, because I’d like people to say what they think, while there is still time for it to change direction.” and wait a few weeks while more messages stream by the server.

I am aware the rest of the world have lives to live, So I ignored the silence (Not a post, not a follow up, not a reply, not a single mention from anybody in any way, shape, or form that anyone had even read the fucking thing) for a few weeks and got on with my life.

So I give up. That was my last eddings fanfic. I have deleted the files, including all the next five chapters.

I don’t see the point, anymore.

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I take all the below back 🙂

I dug it out of the recycle bin, and it’s back.

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Saw this and thought of… hmmm

Message got from IRQ:

Hi there. I’m Anna, a blond Norwegian amateur. If you like to see me and my friends doing the WILD thing. (URL Deleted[1])

Now, I didn’t visit the link (I’m a web-researcher, not a porn merchant. Although there is probably more money in the latter) but I had to wonder. Did she forgo the “three meals” that sets civilization from barbarianism? Did she run around Trafalger Square screaming “Oooga Booger”? Or was it a mere case of a childrens animal show from the BBC? Interested minds what to know.

The *other* thing this interested mind whats to know is Where in the name of Satans left nipple do these morons get my ICQ number?

[1] Yeah, like I’d do that 🙂

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Life, Liberty and the sucessions of crappyness

Gosh, these titles don’t get shorter, do they? 🙂

Anyhue, I’m sorry for the lack of insights into my wonderful and fantastically exciting life, (heh) but Things Are Happening. Not least a large amount of assignments, the hinting idea that I may be wasting copious amounts of my time (which I can’t afford) on something I’m not going to enjoy, and learning the wiles and whims of the Debian (obASR: All OS’s suck, this one just sucks slightly less) (obQuote: The day Microsoft make a product that doesn’t suck is the day they release MS Vacuum 2000). Also managing to coax Linux into a state in which the shortest way out was a complete wipe and reinstall. Which is a neat trick 🙂

In other news, I appear to have totally reversed my sleeping patterns. At the moment I wake up at 8pmish, Maybe go out, Net until 8am, get ready and go to Uni for 10, Uni is 10-2 (max) and then go to bed at 2pm. It’s quite scary 🙂

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I write nothing creative for six months. Then I blast off the whole of the below in an hour (plus quite a bit more). Then I wait six weeks.

This week I have written a poem (AFP, the “What is it all about” thread), 1000 words of short story on the below, 200 words on a scene for another story (It’s a nice scene, but there is no story around it), and a 1000 word delurking post on

And still not done a single assignment.

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Did you hear something?

This is a David Eddings Fanfic, or the beginning of one
I’m bored.

Bored enough to write another story, yet not bored enough yet to do my
Uni Assignments. So here goes.

The story was started about two weeks before tEC4, at which I got
rechristened BelZedar about a month before I planned to do it myself.
(Sorry Ce’, you didn’t think I’d abandon Aquarion without thinking
*really* hard about it, did you? 🙂

The story still isn’t finished, and this is about half of it as
written so far. This is a request for feedback, because I’d like
people to say what they think, while there is still time for it to
change direction.

In true Eddings style, the story is designed to be read aloud. And in
true Aquarionic style, that is exactly what I have done 🙂

(This is how bored I am)

The Me Reading it file is available in many formats depending on
personal preference

Real Player download: (330kb)

Real Player Streaming:

MP3 Download: (2.5mb)

MP3 Streaming:

Oh, and text:

Did You Hear Something?
“Did you hear something?”
“Don’t think so, Maybe it was one of the horses”
“Could be. Personally I’ve never heard a horse make a sound like an
explosion up in the mountians, But that would be why you are the
Horseman and I am only the apprentice”
“Look son, There is no benifit in being smart with me”
“No. I can see that”
“Silence. Now, just get back to feeding the herd, and stop imagining
“Right then. If you want to leave the possibility of someone being dead
in the mountians, it’s up to you”
“Yes. It is. People in the mountians at this time of year know the
“So large explosions are a natural occourance in mountians, yes?”
“Just feed the horses.”
“If you say so.”
“I do”

It wasn’t an explosion in the mountians. Although it is true that a sufficently large explosion in the mountians would cause the bang to be heard by the Algar herds, that wasn’t it. It would take a /very large bang indeed/ for it to have come from beyond the mountians, from, for example, a valley.

It would have had to be sudden for something to suprise a group of
Or very, very slow indeed.
It would have to have been summoned over many, many decades by someone
who had nothing to do.

As slow, as patient, and as unstoppable as stone.

Stone. Stone was everything. Feeling the stone, the rock, the granite, the quartz, the bedrock below you, the chalk around, every pebble on every beach of every continant (which were themselves just rock) on an entire planet. Not just the solid rock. The liquid rock below, the ebbing, flowing mass of lava which lies, with unimaginable /potentiality/ beneath the foundations of every house, garden, palace, country, field, hill and mountian. Be kind to the rocks, they out mass you. And to one who knows rocks, can feel them sliding with painstaking slowness though every molecule of his body, you must be afriad. For if he manages to bring himself to understand the rocks, or for the rocks to understand him, the power of rocks, and the unimaginable power of the masses of land themselves, may be in his grasp.
And this is a world where a rock can also not be “just” a rock, may be a symbol, may be worth money if worked on.
/May Have Power/
But in the gazing at the rocks whose power is known, the potential power of other rocks is missed.

Not always.

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Assignment due in tomorrow. On what I don’t know.

Horoscope due for tomorrow

two more assignments due next week

Advent Calender Needs updating.

Two of those things ain’t gonna happen. And I’m writing the Horoscope now

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I Passed.

Go fucking me! I passed, for the second time in a row a test that I hadn’t been in *any* of the sessions for. A subject I learnt in the three hours before the test, instead of the four weeks everyone else had.

Oh yes!

And then there is the written half… which I don’t know the results to.

The Machine based bit was marked instantly, 100% to the guy in the long leather jacket, but the written… the written…

I just don’t know.