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‘Tis a sad day for Aquarionics. One of the “Rings and causes” has had to go. You will notice the absence of the Anybrowser logo (or you may not). Why? Take a gander at the oposite side, under “Mostly…”. Oh yes, Mostly is back, and with it is all the stuff I wanted to do last time, but didn’t have the code. I spent several hours last night (before the rant below) relearning Javascript. Bascailly, what it does is simple, As ever, the links take you to a site for that object, Amazon for CD’s, DVD’s and Books, the Debian website for Debian, a site on DFD’s for the “Learning…” section. But which Amazon should it take you to? and that is what the Javascript does. If you have the US flag selected, the links go to Amazon.com, if you select the Union Jack, Amazon.co.uk is your destination, if you have DVD selected then clicking on The Iron Giant (even if you do it just there) will take you to the DVD on Amazon, VHS will take you to the Video.

The JS is still dirty and nasty, under a Non-JS browser you will get bad results, but less than 3% of my visitors use a browser which can’t handle JS. Still, for those who enjoy surfing with their eyes shut, I’m going to clean it up and make it display error messages. But it works. Stage 1 of the Great Automization is underway!

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