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And thusly and verily was the empire forged. Upon the virtues of trust, reality and daily


Semi-daily updates.

Today was one of those days you feel like the world is on your side. Last night I went out to

see Blood Brothers with SUDS

(University Drama Soc), and we went from there to DV8, a night of cheesy music at the Student

Nightclub. and that was, above all, *fun*. And, horror upon horrors, I wasn’t drinking. Well,

much. I had a couple of pints before the show, and one after, but once we got to the night-club I

decided to stop.

This doesn’t normally happen.

And so, I woke up at 8:00 this morning. Happy, smiley, and ready for the world to do it’s

worst, only to discover that it hasn’t. I had my first Software Engineering Lecture, and came to

the same conclusion about my lecturer as the rest of my group (The woman is a patronising,

irritating person who would be better teaching primary school children, but gets over that by

talking to us as if we were). Followed by an exam worth 16% of my final mark for that topic (And

remember I have only been back two weeks) in which I finished 35 minutes early (Of a 50 minute


This does normally happen.

And now I’m debating going home for the weekend, to sort out my life ready for them to ship

the rest of it up here.

On top of this, the new section is well underway, and I even have some of it written

before I start the graphic design.

Beyond that, the entire new section remains a secret.

So did you hear the story of the Johnstone twins?
As like each other as two new pins
Of one womb, born on the selfsame day
How one was kept and one given away

— Willy Russell

So, Blood Brothers then. That was absolutely bloody quantastic. So completely and totally

compelling brilliant that it brought quite a few of my fellow theatregoers to tears. The sets

were wonderful, The movements and dances and songs were so fantastically apt, well timed, and

perfectly choreographed that the entire production flowed along fantastically, taking the

audience though the plot, and the lives themselves, of the Blood Brothers, Mickey and Eddy. Words

cannot express how much I currently think of this production. I suggest you find a production,

and watch it. If it’s half as good as the musical I saw last night, you will enjoy it immensely.

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