Dark Light

Nothing interesting enough to post on has happened, so I’m going to repeat the most creative thing I’ve done all day (apart from watching the South Park Movie DVD) which is my delurk post to RHOD:

The minds eye is an infinitely versatile object, capable of rendering objects that
the most dedicated artist would find impossible to make look real. In dreams we see
another reality, and it is in dreams where this post begins.

Imagine, if you will, the multiverse. A huge sphere of multicoloured points linked
in ways our minds, conceived in one of these points, cannot possibly see. And yet
there is something around it. A sprinkling of blue sparkles surrounds the entire
area, around every point they eddy and swirl, gradually focusing on one point,
pointing, leading, like iron fillings to a magnet, and onto one point they focus and
the mind shifts perspective.

We are inside one of the points of the multiverse, one of the nodes, one of the
universes. There are many more, governed by magic, words, or just the same
more-or-less logical rules that bind our own universe together, for that is where we
are. And the blue sparkles are here also, spinning and flowing towards another,
smaller point, a swirl in the galaxy, and we zoom in further.

And further, though the clouds of stars, focusing on a string that is orbiting the
galaxy in mindnumbing slowness, and yet travelling faster than many thought

Onto a single star, orbited by 9 rocks of varying size, and as we circle the sun –
as all the rocks do – we can see the sparkles head toward a single planet, a
blue-green planet.

We spin past the lands, though the daytime, the evening and into the night, and in
the darkness we focus on a small triangular country which for the sake of argument
we shall call “England” and from there into the south-eastern corner, midway between
the bright lights of the big city and the calmness of the sea to the south.

And closer do we zoom, to a single room, and a single computer, as the blue sparkles
collate and solidify into a young male, typing at his keyboard. The figure of
Aquarion, making his de-lurk post to RHOD.

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