Dark Light

Lack of things happening. Even the things I am supposed to be doing have been waylaid by things I am doing off my own bat.

This is not A Good Thing. At all.

Pictures of CCDE on there way, along with The Ultimate Guide to same. (What is The Ultimate Guide, I here you ask. “Aha” answers the dungeonmaster enigmatically)

Things Coming: (I have a feeling I am going to regret this list)

  • Sunny.ram, because people want to hear me sing. God help them. (5%)
  • Project ANN. be afraid, the future is yellow and red. (10%)
  • Rainbow. No realation to the campy 80’s Kids TV Show. (~50%)
  • Worlds Apart part 4. Yes Arissa, it *is* coming (~60%)
  • Annotations.net (6%)
  • The Ultimate Guide to CCDE2k (80%)
  • Bookshop (80%)
  • CCDE Photos (40%)
  • Reviews Section (0%)
  • Linux v Windows. (3%)

Hear me!

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