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Chapter 8 Honest Johns

What in the Guilds do you mean You Don’t trust him? Jascain demanded
I… Don’t know . Maybe it’s that I can’t tell what he is thinking. replied Krydis
Do you trust me?
Yes. That’s why I don’t think it’s that.

The Gate had led to what seemed to be a long corridor. Aquarion had talked to a couple of people, and then they had stepped into a void between two of the millions of Doorways that surronded them. They were now sitting in what appeared to be some kind of resurant. Although whatever they were selling seemed bad for the people who were drinking it, many of whom were slumped over the huge wooden bar that ran the length of one wall. Another wall was encumbered with a long time-line type map which Aquarion was studying in depth, which had led to Jascain and Krydis sitting at a table discussing their collective lot.

Who is he anyway? asked the seeress
One of the researchers. Basically, some Dals who broke off from the Dalmind thousands of years ago becauase they thought it interferred with research. I’m inclined to agree with them. replied Jascain
But didn’t Vilane introduce you as a Researcher Novice?
Yes, I study under that guild. We are seperated under several guilds, for some reason the researchers took an interest in me. Reasearcher of the Blue is what I become if they let me.
Doesn’t that mean you get disconnected from the Dalmind? Krydis asked
More than now you mean? No. Only the Rainbow – the seven Researcher Masters – take that step, and they are never connected in the first place. I was noticed when I was 14, and therefore to late to have the decision made for me.
What does it mean though?
Each of the researchers colours specialise, Red stays behind and collates what everyone else does, Yellow makes a study of Extrapersonal development Jascain was rapidly heading into Lecture mode and he knew it. He made a consious effort to stop
Stuff like sourcery, things that most people can’t do
Like Belgarion? asked Krys
No, he came under another catagory, but like me and you.
I’ve never heard of it said the seeress
She tends to study from afar I gather
And blue?
Blue is extradimentional, stuff that is not only of this universe, but others. That’s what Belgarion falls under, what he did was for the sake of the multiverse. These catagories tend to merge. He wrote most of the stuff on the recent Event, but has a tendancy to do lots of things
he likes to travel, and write histories of the places he’s been based on what people tell him, but history is more strictly Orange, if you see what I mean. Jascain was rapidly getting bored with his own explainations, and attempted to change the subject
What about you? he asked artlessly
Well, you should know most of this really
Seeresses arn’t suposed to know about that type of thing. We are supposed to remain aloof from normality. I’m slightly differant. replied the blindfoldless seeress
What is it with the blindfold thing?
I might well ask you what is it with the mind-protection?
I asked first pointed out Jasc.
So you did. I can impress things onto people, like I can make the world see me with a blindfold. It doesn’t work with you though.
Sort of, it looks as though you could be wearing one. It’s difficult to describe.
Your turn noted Krys
I can control what people see when they look into my mind. And I can see what other people are thinking
A Mind Reader? the thought had a taint of disbelief to it
Sort of, yes.

Aquarion finished his in depth study of the map and strode over to them
“We leave. Now”
“Why so soon?” asked Krydis
“Because someone is following us.”

As the stepped out of the door the reemerged in the Corridor of Doors.
“This” declaimed Aquarion with drama “Is the Hall of Worlds. This is Phase Space, or half of phase space, as I understand it. Every world is represented here, every possibility of every world, every universe is here.”
“Why half?” asked Jascain
“Because for every universe here, there must be a universe where one of the paths chosen was notto have a door into here. Or something very similer, as I understand it. I never dreamed I would actually be here” Aquarion looked like a kid in a candy store, never knowing what to try first, gazing at the vistas presented at every turn, of new people, for the “doors” were mearly rectangles of grey on a black background, with symbols beside that assumably told people who knew the lanuguage what the world within was.
“Every door we pass” said Aquarion quietly “creates a new door, a possibility that we would have stepped though. The universe divides into the version where we passed the door, and the version we didn’t. And more, for there are versions where only you, Jascain, or only Me, or even Krys, stepped though alone, and versions where we didn’t”
Krys? Jascain’s mental word came soon after Aquarion’s sentance.
We are going to have problems with my Tutor
Why? queried the Seeress
He doesn’t want to leave. I don’t think he is going to.
What? an element of panic had entered
He has studied extradimentional worlds for all of his life, this is his dream. I think we are going to have difficulty bringing him home
Why is he doing this then?
There is something he has to do, I think
You think?
It’s indistinct. He has a mission. I think I’m involved.
I can’t read things about me. I don’t know why, I think it’s part of the “One man cannot know his own future” thing. relied Jascain crypically
Will you please stop it with the one word questions?
Sorry, it’s just that he is the only guide we have. If we lose him…
…we’re lost. I know. Jascain broke off the conversation

By Aquarion

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