I’ve got a minor obsession with personal digital archiving. Mostly, this presents itself in the form of things like the current NicholasAvenell.com, or rather the database behind it from which the site cherry-picks data sources.

Ideally, I’d like to expand the database – though not the public facing site – with more and more metrics. Getting data out of Apple Healthkit to it is on my project list, and I’m looking forward to Sense’s API so I can add that too. Things like credit card transactions, amazon orders, stuff I can scrape and pull in and run analysis on.

The most recent expression of this has been “Where was I X years ago”, in the form of a bot that pulls out data from exactly 4 years ago and posts it to Twitter & Tumblr every fifteen minutes. The twitter account is protected to avoid sending @mention notifications to people I was talking to 4 years ago, but I’ll accept followers if anyone’s interested. The account was setup for jwheare‘s TwitShift, which did the same thing on a one-year-rolling basis until it shutdown a couple of years ago. For the same reasons that went away, I’m not opening it up as a general service (That’s what Timehop’s for) but the code’s up as part of Lifestream.