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My previous iPhone was a 3G. Over the two years I used it, it was replaced three times. Once when it was stolen, once when the screen went weird, and once when it was in my pocket when I balanced a couple of thousand (monetary) pounds worth of server on my thigh so I could press a Call Lift button.

In each case, it was insured, and everything was fine.

My iPhone 4S has only broken twice. In the first case I dropped it and cracked the screen (about 10 months ago), and this week.

You know the thing that old TVs used to do, where the screen would shrink vertically and you’d end up with the top two thirds of the monitor with the compressed picture and the bottom third with a repeat of the same frame, And it would scroll and judder and make the program not watchable? Basically, when your TV signal lost vertical hold, or tracking, or something?

tumblr_mg9uq8qbwm1qzpy7ko1_500My iPhone started doing that. And thumping the side didn’t help. It was mostly when the camera was active, but was starting on other things as well. The phone was unusable, and I’m three months from an upgrade. So I phoned my insurance agents (who installed the current screen using non-apple labour, which is what I think is causing the problem) and it wasn’t covered. So I booked an Apple Store appointment, and went in.

My phone needed a new screen. It has no warranty, so that would cost me £140, which is a bit steep, but oh well. However, having paid the money, they just gave me a new phone, and recommended I hang around the store on their Wifi connection while my iCloud backup from just before I’d gone in was downloaded.

The same process for my HTC Desire involved me being without a phone for two weeks while my insurance attempted to work out who was allowed to service the things.

Apple aren’t perfect in a lot of ways, but I’m happy with my customer service with them today.

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