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Daily Mail, Today:


The Advertising Standards Authority has also received complaints from people saying it is ‘socially irresponsible’ to promote Christmas so far in advance.

A spokesman said: ‘The ASA has been receiving a steady flurry of complaints from irritated and disenchanted consumers objecting to the premature appearance of Christmas advertisements.

‘Those who have contacted us have been disappointed that, although the ASA accepts that some people will find it frustrating to see advertisements for Christmas appearing in the autumn, this is not an area that we regulate.

He added: ‘Advertisers are able to choose when they wish to begin their seasonal advertisements and if potential customers are irritated by their decision, it is a risk that the advertiser must accept.

‘However, the ASA has received more complaints on this issue this year than ever before, suggesting increasing consumer frustration.’


The Advertising Standards Authority, Today:


They do this because they see no reason not to



(Photo from Tom Scott’s press warning labels)

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  1. Eh, Daily Makil makes shirt up. I’d rage, but they’ve published enough prejudiced bullshit by now that I’ve worked out it’s best to ignore them. That or drive them into the ground, but I’m still working on how to get that done -_-

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