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“I’ve always said there’s nothing more interesting than people’s dreams” –
Alice, Dilbert TV.

I was sitting in a garden by a church revising, when someone asked my if they
could revise too. I picked up my sketch-pad, assuming I was studying Graphics,
when I realised I didn’t do graphics, and couldn’t draw, so I wandered off in
search of something else.

I found a person who looked suspisiously like Gav from Nukees and we talked about books, and I
introduced him to the Illuminus Trilogy. In return he showed me the
South-African page of an atlas, and told me that at the southen most tip was a
wooden sign called “The End”. Next thing I was looking at a mist-shouded
version of South Africa with moterways running down it, So I could clearly see
that the motorways going north were marked “The Start” and the ones pointing
south were marked “The End” Then I noticed that there was a tiny road just
south of the end of the motorway, so it *wasn’t* The End.

So I was sitting on a coastline with lots of people I knew but now can’t
remember, while Gav painted out the tiny road while we all sang something,
followed by “Santa Claus is coming to town”. For South Africa it was a nasty
murky-grey sky, like a British winter morning. Then, on the horizon, beyond the
docks, a chase was in progress, which circled the bay until I could see it was
a Police Car being pursued. I don’t know what it was being pursused by, because
I didn’t notice. What with it coming stright at us. And everything.

I stood up and tried to get away, but tripped, saw the car coming towards me,
and closed my eyes. I could hear the car roar above me, then a moderate presure
on my neak. I remember thinging it must have just missed me. I opened my

I was in a hospital, on the floor. There was still this presure on my neck. I
realised what had happened, It hadn’t just missed me. I heard a voice:
“If it hurts, hit it” said my (now) ex-flatmate Michelle
“Don’t tell him that, he’s dying” said a voice I didn’t recognise.
I closed my eyes and woke up.

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