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Because the last one was so popular.

The Tyranny of Bone China – In which your humble narrator attempts to find the name of a plate pattern.

A Dark Tea-time – In which I explain the soul-sapping nature of unemployment.

Between a rock and a hard tweet – In which I try to figure out how Twitter is suddenly responsible for ensuring international free speech instead of, say, the United Nations.

Dear Register.com – In which I get very annoyed at a DNS provider for being a dick about transfers.

Dear Godaddy.com – In which I get very annoyed at another DNS provider for being a dick about SOPA

Money where my mouse is – In which I consider the nature of Piracy and how my personal piratical nature has decreased since I can now actually *buy* most of the stuff I used to pirate quickly and easily.  Today, the Oatmeal produced an effective counterpoint, and between this and the increasingly limited selection on Netflix, we do appear to be going backwards.

Odyssey – In which I attempt to explain LARP. All of it. At once. This entry has been postponed due to a scoping issue.

  1. I was going to ask if the name of the Odyssey post was purposefully chosen for both meanings, but I should know better than ask by now 😀 Nicely done.

  2. I am sad that these will not get written, and also that they do not have drafts of how they started to turn out. Apart from that, yay, insight 🙂

    Also yes, trying to find out ways of buying stuff legally can be a pain. I think with Game of Thrones they are trying to release it just before the second series to gain publicity for that, but I’m unsure they have thought this through. You know what’s good publicity? People being able to actually watch the apparently excellent first series.

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