So, of the opinion that cooking things was not going to happen this fine winter’s evening, we turned unto the Internet to send us food. Our preferred supplier of local internet foods at the moment is called SZS, and has a new item on the burger menu:

A rolo meal.

Now, as far as I’m concerned, a rolo looks like this:

A rolo and a half

Note that the rolo is not pictured alone. A final rolo contains an important cultural concept that is so sacrosanct, so deeply embedded into our culture, and so pedestalised that it can only be expressed by getting your own solid gold (and thus, inedible) last rolo for £79.99 + P&P.

But in the context of a burger menu, the concept of a rolo, singular, alone, possibly melting forlornly inside a toasted seseme seed bun, seems not to fit. So I want to know what the rolo is.

But, alas, I don’t want to spend £3.99 finding out. So I ordered the chicken burger instead.