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I am back from Maelstrom.

Mud, glorious mud
Mud, glorious mud
The weather was horrid. The fact that the longest event of the year – four days, Friday to Monday, rather than the Friday to Sunday of most events – ends up being both the first event and the one most likely to have the worst of all possible weather for camping in is somewhat unfortunate. During the day was blustery this time, but not terribly cold. The nights, however, were freezing, even with my awesome fluffy sleeping bag, roll mat and two blankets (Yes, I had some stuff under me as well as over me. The main problem appears to be that the sleeping back is great at keeping heat in, but I wasn’t generating enough).

On top of the weather, people have been planning this event for six months, and old grudges have solidified. Plus, people want to keep moving to keep warm, and thus the first event has, in recent years, generally been the one with the highest death count. This event was no difficult, set on a volcanic island, almost all of the population of the game ended up running off site as fast as they could collect their loved things and ones, slightly ahead of a predicted volcanic eruption.

So, generally, I didn’t have a wonderful event, but my character had an *awesome* time, where long-term planned stuff started working, he had people to be angry at and people to negotiate with. I just wish the bastard had made more time for minor things like feeding his physical representation…

Ah well, 59 days, 20 hours, 29 minutes until the next one.

  1. So, is there a term for when the physical representation collapses from lack of maintenance or has other difficulties which would end up affecting the character?

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