I was eighteen ten years ago.

I’d not really had a girlfriend, I was getting into this “Social Internet” thing (I’d been to several AFE meets and a couple of AFP ones), I was just starting at university.

I’ve moved (Paddock Wood -> Sunderland Halls -> Sunderland Fishbowl -> Paddock Wood -> Cambridge Geekhouse -> Reading -> Letchworth Casarufus -> Bedford Fishtank -> Walthamstow Smoothieville -> Leyton Keldaby -> Claption Fyrion Towers) ten times.

I’ve had (Drawer for IDL, Typer for BrowserAngel, Typer for EM, Typer for Trutap, Typer for Skim*) five jobs, some relationships, some disasters, some triumphs.

I’ve been depressed and destructive, cheerful and creative.

I’ve abjectly failed at my ten year plan, though extending it a bit might mean it comes true. This may be the case for a while.

And almost all of it’s on this site, somewhere.

Hello. I’m Nicholas Avenell. I’m usually a geek, sometimes a writer, mostly a fool.

This is my website.

May it last at least another ten years.