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(I’ve maintained escaped quotes from the email, because I think this is funny)

Dear Nicholas Avenell,

Many thanks for using our website for your customer service query. We are currently replying to all queries within 2 business days, please bear with us while we process your query.

A new eNote, number 1081442, has been raised, which reads:

Citylink have been foiled by a gate with an intercom on the pillar.

They’ve tried to deliver this three times in four days, each time have “left a card”, which I’ve never recieved. Collecting from their depot will take five hours I don’t have.

Since delivering things to my office means I have to lug it home manually on the bus, I can no longer order anything of any great size from you until you stop using Citylink, or at least provide a paid option to use someone else instead.

I’ve lived in places with a good Citylink service. I’ve had a good service from you for the last eight and half years, but your continued use of Citylink without another option is now a major factor against you. I was relying on the delivery of the hard drive over the weekend, and ended up having to spend 33% more for the same model at somewhere within walking distance.

You’ll be receiving the order contents back as soon as Citylink stop holding it for a collection I’ll never make.

You can view this eNote via our website here :


  1. I’ve not used ebuyer for a number of years, for exactly this reason. I also told them so when I left, although in slightly less entertaining prose.

    In my case, Citylink decided that they were only able to deliver to my home, and were only able to deliver during working hours. So, I had to go to their depot to collect, which was a 100-mile round trip by car. Which cost me as much in petrol as the value of the item…

    Since moving to London I’ve had some fun with “we tried to deliver, honest” followed by “Dear retailer, we did deliver, honest, your customer is lying when he says he doesn’t have the item”.

    So yes, I don’t use any retailer who only use Citylink.

  2. Amusingly, when I made a similar complaint to eBuyer 6 months ago about how CityLink were the reason I wouldn’t be using them any more, they told me they were starting to use other couriers.

    Guess they didn’t get very far :-/

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