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Some soothsayers said of a second sequel to the second “Simon the Sorcerer” software CD.

The Simon the Sorcerer series suffered somewhat from as series of sinking scores, The source software showed solid stories, screwing successfully with standard story standbys, substituting selected symbols for some supplementary salacious succour. Simon spoke splendidly, sourced superlatively by Chris Barrie (Who’s starting syllables subvert this selected style). Sadly successive sequels solicited sub-standard scripts and suddenly stopped sourcing said scutter-supporting speaker. Simon the Sorcerer ceased sequeling subsequent to Simon’s second sequel, saving sympathetic shoppers supporting superfluous slipshod stuff.

Sadly, Simon’s skippers sort spare salary, sanctioning “Silver Style”’s saga sustenance. Somehow Simon the Sorcerer IV’s sour semblance seems sured.

Sanguineness seems sub-suited.

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