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This is Dungeon Runners a game I’ve been in the beta program for for… quite a while. It’s free to play, but to get access to higher level lewt you’ll need to shell out a couple of quid a month (Quoted at $5, but gold coins to doughnuts that won’t translate directly into pounds).

It’s a kind of un-serious diablo-style… er… dungeon running game (The odds?) cartoony and occasionally self-consciously zany. It’s not as deep, wide or time-sucking as something like Ultimaquest: City of Lord Runecraft: Galaxies’s Assault Call1.

Plus: Free.

If you’re looking to try it out contact me somehow, because I’d quite like to see how well the teaming works.

[1] (Or Guildwars)

(Also, go Here [Warning, Flash] and type in “QUO”. It’s an annoying site for a game I’m likely to like, but it wants 122000 hits before it’ll tell anyone what it is)

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