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Epistula has a Location system, designed so I can tag any Entry, Writing, Photo Gallery, Article, Blink or whatever with a latitude and longitude and the place will appear below the post.

When I designed it, I put in the major cities in England, plus the places I’d ever lived.

For the first time since Aquarionics started in 2000, this isn’t sufficient.

I’m currently sitting in the departure lounge of Gatwick Airport, heading out to Amsterdam for a Stag Party (Three days on a houseboat). This is weird, as it’s the first time I’ve been out of the country in over six years. Which is good, I’m intending for it to be the start of me going all over the place. Today Amsterdam, Tomorrow The World!

Wandered though security (Futureme: Don’t wear steel toecaped boots, it slows down the process) and have connected to WiFi in the lounge, via an association with The Cloud and my mobile provider O2, which is neat. I apparently could have used my Skype account details also. I like things talking to other things, it makes my life easier.

Also, now they’ve replaced the Human League album for a Best Of The Sixties album, my life is easier.

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