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I have found the worlds most insane game.

It is very cool.

It is called

Baron Von Puttyngton vs. The Cancerous M.C. Escher Maze… OF CHEESE

and the title is the least insane thing about it.

From the site:

You are Baron Von Puttyngton, a jiggly cube made of putty. You are in a maze made out of cheese that looks like an M.C. Escher drawing. i.e. the stairways are facing all kind of strange directions. All the yellow cheese is cancerous, i.e. it keeps sprouting new cheese in front of itself. The goal of the game is to turn everything into blue cheese, which is not cancerous. The level ends when everything is blue cheese. In each level the mazes get more complex, but the cancerous cheese still grows at the same rate. The player traverses the maze be rotating The Baron or by rotating the gravity vector 90 degrees, which makes forward into down and up into forward. The game never ends, and you never die.

The game is only for Windows.

Go try it

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