Dark Light

I went to CCDE.

It was good.

I am back.

I have photographs.

Some of them went to flickr but I ran out of bandwidth, and I don’t have a pro account. Yet. I’ll put the photos into one of my own galleries at some point.

On the way from CCDE I lost my bank card, which was annoying.

At CCDE I caught something Nasty. Or possibly more than one Nasty thing which hit me like a ton of lego yesterday evening. I am now dead.

I played games with New People and People Who I Thought Were New People Until I Discovered I Already Read Their Livejournals And Therefore Know Everything About Them.

Also not-so-new people.

Now: Sleep. And attempts at wellness. But mostly sleep.

Oh, yes. The comic I was pimping at people was Commercial Suicide and you should buy it.

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