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There is the distinct possibility of multiple worlds colliding in my near future, which is going to be… interesting. I’m not sure how I should cope with working professionally with people I know online, but it’s going to be fun finding out (Of course, I only got my first job because of pol, so it’s not exactly unprecidented)

Vague enough for you? How about this:

The mist on the horizon that I’ve been gazing at for years has come into focus. I have yet to believe it’s ever going to resolve, but it certianly seems that way, and it’s either going to be the start of my return to something approaching sanity or else another albatross around my neck.

I wrote my first AJAX-based application today. Or, rather, finished. Sort of. It’s apparently broken in Safari, but I’ve got no way of testing that, yet, so it’s going to stay where it is for a while. I’d release it, but it’s an interface to our intranet’s diary system, and that would be Non Optimal, esspecially with my six-month review around the corner (Fear).

Stuff I can actually talk about, although it’s going to sound a bit party-lineish, is MATS, which is the name of the product that’s been consuming my work for the past six months or so. MATS is an attempt to use a combination of internet, SMS and other communication mediums together to help people understand where they are in a long running – and usually totally opaque – process, such as applying for a loan or mortgage. Nationwide are using it, which is cool. The website has more details.

This also means we are sending out Actual Emails telling people their mortgage has been approved. This makes life interesting.

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