Archive: May 2005

Two hurt in mock light sabre duel Strong in the stupid, they are blink, starwars, stupid

So, we watched Eurovision. Greece won. Voters stupid. LoneCat pinched most of my jokes, so you can read it over there 🙂

How to Dance Gothic blink, funny, goth

“Mr Bond?” “James Bond, yes.” “Good. I believe you have been sent here to retake your driving test.” “Yes. As a result of a mass-conspiracy against me by forces within the government, my licence to drive was revoked” “Less of…

BBC NEWS | World | Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight … blink, fakenews, funny Can carrots help you see in the dark? Another busted myth blink, urbanmyth

HOWTO: reboot to Windows (Or any other Grub entry) with one click blink, grub, linux, reference, sysadmin – sixdegrees I’m following how far the "Musical Baton" thing I did is going. It’s scaring me. blink, blogging, links, memes, musical-baton…

pysqlite 2.0 Last week I was complaining this was crashy and unusable. Now it’s 2-point-oh. Hmm. aquaintances, blink, python Symphony Operating System blink, debian, linux, programming, web

In which: There are Drive By Blessings There are Mass Knightings. Orlando ‘Field Marshall Obvious’ Bloom is out-facial-expressioned by Edward Norton wearing a silver mask. Fights happen. Loudly and with lack of narrative Three random-household-objects out of five.

Project Soylent Gnome is people blink, gnome, linux The Pope Runs Linux Stop the game, we’ve won the internet blink, linux, pope Share your bash tips Some useful stuff blink, debian, linux, sysadmin, unix cadhla: One hundred surreal things that…