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It works.

Well, it takes a list of feeds, downloads them and displays the content, and doesn’t crash anymore.

Now to make it do interesting stuff.

It looks like this currently. It defaults to showing the full article in the main window, which is just temporary (It slows down the browsing too much, but was quicker to implement). The combo-box above the subscription tree will chose from a list of defineable filters (“All unread”, “Just highly rated things” etc). and the progress bar will move prettily.

If you really want to give it a go, the code is here, but the closest thing you’ll get to installation guide is the entry below this one. The only way to get feeds into the system currently is to run the “import OPML” button (The lightbulb on the taskbar, not the file selector. yet) which is hard-coded to import from the file “subs.opml” in the aquaintances2 directory.

Next: Filtering, and cleaning up the code a bit. First: Sleep.

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