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Ill. Tired. Stuff:

“All my life, I have instinctively known that I’m a them. When clubbable, mottle-nosed men drop a conspiratorial octave and say ‘Well, of course, I don’t mean people like us’, I metaphorically pull down the shutters and pack a small bag, because I know, sure as blackballs are blackballs, that they do mean me. Even now, when my name is on the clipboard at the door, I know it’s not really me they’re waving through – it’s this column.”
(AA Gill via Hydragenic)

9. Gays, thanks to the ballot measures passed on Tuesday, cannot get married in 11 new states. Thank God. Just think of all those wedding gifts we won’t have to buy now.
(Michael More on the Bright Side of the election)

Hello Kitty and friends welcome you to the exciting and fantastic Hello Kitty World! This is the first-ever online game platform featuring the all-time-favorite Hello Kitty characters from Sanrio!
(The Hello Kitty MMPORPG is possibly the kewtest thing evar! (via Tom))

No! The livejournal of cute infamy must be stopped! They seek only to find the ultimate in cuteness – and when they do, they will use it to distract everyone and take over the world!
(Nope, I’m wrong. CCooke on the tyrany of these pictures of baaaaaby animals)

“Beetles,” said Professor Mandalay. “I once calculated that, if a man such as myself were to eat six different species of beetle each day, it would take him more than twenty years to eat every beetle that has been identified. And over that twenty years enough new species of beetle might have been discovered to keep him eating for another five years. And in those five years enough beetles might have been discovered to keep him eating for another two and a half years, and so on, and so on. It is a paradox of inexhaustibility. I call it Mandalay’s Beetle. You would have to enjoy eating beetles, though,” he added, “or it would be a very bad thing indeed.”
Neil Gaiman’s new short story explores the importance of beetles in a balanced diet

The BBC began broadcasting to schools by radio in 1924. The Beveridge Report says that in 1951 the Corporation were planning a pilot for television; this pilot took place in 1952. Apparently, the national economic situation of the time delayed progress, but three years later planning began for regular broadcasts.
(BBC Schools idents though the ages! With videos! Woo!)

In other news, I’m working on replacing blink with del.icio.us and moblog with flickr, mostly because it saves me having to keep the supporting code up to date.

Interestingly, Cal Henderson who codes (‘ware PDF) flickr used to work for Evolving Media (My new employer) in one of its previous forms.

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