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BrowserAngel is now looking for a PHP Developer

The prospective candidate will need:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Apache exp.
  • CVS (Preferably admin experience, but it’s pretty easy)

    Ideally also:

    Sysadmin basics (Debian/Linux, Spamassassin, W32 troubleshooting, Samba)
    A general idea of VC++ (Not in any way mandatory, but could be useful)

    You’d be working within a small team on a Cool Thing, with any luck the Next Big Thing. Wages aren’t stratospheric right now, but possiblities could be. You’d need to either live near, or be willing to commute to, Kings Cross London.

    Send CV and cover letter to recruit@BrowserAngel.com.

    Nicholas Avenell, Developer/Sysadmin, BrowserAngel
    e: Nicholas.Avenell -at- BrowserAngel.com t: (+44|0)20 7713 0001
    a: 212 Spitfire Studios, Collier Street, London Kings Cross, NE1 2BE

    (Disclaimer: This post is posted at the request of BrowserAngel. All will be explained)

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