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So, if you’ve been unemployed for three months, how do you afford to buy the train ticket to get you into work for the first week back?

Once again, I’ve found, applied for, interviewed for and got a job (Okay, they weren’t all the same job this time, but still) in the time it’s taken the Job Centre to process my Dole claim. As a result, I can’t buy the ticket to get to work.

So, we found a solution. Easy. Get a Season Ticket form, get our office to fill it in with all the credit card details and send me trundling off to buy the ticket. This morning…

No, they said. They needed, they said, the card itself to swipe though the machine, which I didn’t have. So I went home and phoned them up, ordered the season ticket, giving them the credit card details over the phone, and they’re now posting the ticket to me.


AqWiki got another round of updates, including the prep for the first public installs, indexing being unbroken for the new base system (was broken for oneWiki) and such stuff. On target for provisional release date. Scary.

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