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Today’s culinary experiment was taken from Emperor’s LJ:

Sausage & Apple braise

  • 1lb cooking apples, peeled & cored
  • 1lb leeks, trimmed
  • 1lb pork sausage meat
  • 2 × 1/4ozoz pkt instant potato
  • salt & pepper
  • 7fl oz dry cider
  • 1 level tsp dried mixed herb
  • chopped fresh parsley or mint for garnish

serves 4

Cut apples into thick, even slices. Finely slice leeks & wash well. Put
apples in boiling water, bring back to boil and blanche for 1 minute. Drain &
cool quickly. Repeat with leeks.

With wetted hands, shape sausage meat into balls about size of large cherry.
In lightly buttered 3pt ovenproof dish layer up the apple,leek and half the
sausage balls with a sprinkling of instant potato and seasoning between
layers. Finish with remaining sausage balls as a topping. Mix cider with
herbs and pour it over the mixture. Bake at Mark 5 for about 1 hour. Serve
sprinkled with chopped parsley or mint.

(seems to work fine with sausages. I usually use a bit more cider than that, too).

Some notes for FutureMe when cooking this:

  • Don’t over-do the leeks, blanche them properly.
  • Don’t over-do the apples.
  • Don’t be stingy with the cider
  • Your casserole dish isn’t big enough for the above, cut them down.

It’s nice, and I’d recommend it. In fact, I suspect at some stage I’m going to make it again, lathough it contains nothing – apart from the herbs – that is in our “default stock” of stuff we’ll have on hand at any one time. Actually, at the moment I’m on a cookery kick, since after a year and a bit, I’m a little bored of my own default set of available meal plans, and with the employment situation it’s not as if I’m lacking in time…

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