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Right, The Story So Far:

Aquarion moved out of Cambridge, looking at a flat in Reading. Flat in Reading was found, applied for and first part of deposit (£250) was paid as an Admin Fee. Aquarion stays with pol & Supermouse while references are found, this should only take a week.

A week later references are returned, and ours are bad due to reasons I don’t explain. Letting Agents will only accept the application if my parents are also responsible for the rent. Shit happens, stuff resolved, We have to open a joint bank account.

I can’t.

I can’t because in order to open an account, I need photo ID, which I don’t have. My passport is lost, my Driving licence both provisional and non-photoed, and I have no other ID save my Birth Certificate (Only acceptable for under 20 y/o, an arbitary decision which annoys me) is in storage somewhere between Reading & Kent, and all the forms I do have (Such as a letter from my existing bank – who can’t give me the account for more Reasons) arn’t accepted because they arn’t on their little black and yellow form of What The FSA Accept.

So I can’t get the account, so I can’t sign the contract, so I can’t move in, so I can’t get a permenant address in Reading, so I can’t convince the job-agencies I don’t live in Cambridge, so I can’t get a job.

Meanwhile, I’ve stayed longer with Pol & Supermouse than I intended, and am now going to go home for a while.

LC, meanwhile, may need to live within commuting distance of Northampton if she gets the job she interviewed for, which will really stuff things up. Anyway, the upshot of all this is that we will probably be abandoning the flat we reserved in Reading, and looking for a private Landlord who won’t be quite so difficult.

So if any Reading people have the website of a local paper (Or a copy of the local paper they can post to me), I’d be grateful.

Real life sucks.

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