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This weekend we went up to see Supermouse & Pol for Red Nose Day where the entire living room was decorated with round, red fruit and sweets, and things in red pots, and Cherryade, Apple & Blackcurrent squash & Tizer. Generally a red theme to the festivities. It has been brought to my attention that various people from overseas will have little to no idea of this Red Nose Day thing, so I shall endevor to explain.

Comic Relief is a charity set up to do good things by silly means. That is, it raises money by things like Red Nose Day – which I’ll explain in a sec – and plows it back into things like building wells in Africa, or homeless shelters in the UK, or promoting understanding of Alzheimer’s, or helping people move out of slums in both places. It operates things both in the UK and Africa. Every two years since 1999 1989 (with the first in -98- +88+, they tried annually, but biannually works better) they hold “Red Nose Day”, which is basically a whole night of fundraising television being led up to by two months of prodding people to be sponsered to do silly things like bathe in custard, jump off towers (With bungee ropes), etc. Also, large companies do special things (Cake companies make special “Red Nose” cakes with 50p of the sale of each going to Comic Relief), and they sell Red Noses of a special design (This year they had hair, previous years have been squeaky, had arms, been tomatoes, turned yellow in heat, been furry, etc etc) all in the name of Cha-re-deee.

This year they had a fantastic parody of Harry Potter (On the trip up, Pol had mentioned that when film companies couldn’t get Alan Rickman they went for Jeremy Irons, so when the parody turned up with Snape being played by Irons, we all creased up laughing), another of Blankety Blank, and Reeves and Mortimer being desperatly, Desperatly unfunny. They raised over 35,000,000 for charity in that one night, which is a fuck of a lot, and they usually double the night’s total with the results of the sponsored stuff that goes on on the day itself, which will be a fuck of a fuck of a lot.

Then we slept, then we woke, then I helped with gardening, watched more TV, ate Pizza, watched Jonathan Creek, Slept, Did fencing (Of the “Help Pol with wooden boards” kind, rather than the “Hit people with swords” kind), where I found a fence-post with a core of solid diamond and demonstrated my inability to hit nails in with the aid of a hammer due to disposition to finding diamond-core of item I am hammering nails into. Then had pancakes, then went home.

A delightful and relaxing weekend, leading upto next week, wherein if we don’t find somewhere new to live we shall be more fucked than a very fucked thing.


Blast, I appear to have broken my giving up swearing for lent. Oh fuck it.

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